Solid Rock Association is committed to changing the cycle of poverty into a cycle of wealth. Our organisation is built on the values of  independence and sustainability, which has driven us to pursue projects that focuses on creating an environment that allows the underprivileged to support themselves.

This philosophy has helped to shape our main achievements of founding a network for local artisans, engaging in environmental sustainability initiatives, establishing culture troupes, and becoming a Fair Trade guaranteed organisation.


Solid Rock Association is a non-profit organisation that was formed in 2009 by five Centre for National Culture (CNC) community members in recognition of a serious need to engage the youth among us and help foster their skills and confidence. We are incredibly proud that this grassroots collective (now Board of Directors) has grown into a staff of three and dynamic group of volunteers, whom have been working cooperatively over the years in the training and trading of Ghanaian folk arts and performances at no cost to the beneficiaries. 


Indeed, we have been supporting the disadvantaged and dispossessed between the ages of 10-30, through capacity-building programs around information technology, sewing, batik tie-dye, drum-making, folk music and dance. We have been offering a number of other services to our CNC brothers and sisters, such as building community foot-bridge, free access to computers, the internet, television, and bicycles.

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